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Votaw 11 x 14 BrotherVotaw Hi Res 20 x 16Votaw Family Final Votaw Family Votaw  DSC_7096 - Version 2Orig #11 Votaw  DSC_7127  Flat & FixedGrandma and the Girls Votaw  DSC_7120Brother and Sister Votaw  DSC_7148 - Version 2Mom and Son Votaw  DSC_7109Family Votaw  DSC_7117 - Version 2Mother and Daughter Votaw  DSC_7147Votaw Favorites 14 x 11Votaw Favorites1 20 x 16Votaw Favorites B & W 20 x 16Votaw  DSC_7093Votaw  DSC_7105Votaw  DSC_7104Votaw  DSC_7103Votaw  DSC_7095Votaw  DSC_7094Votaw  DSC_7144Votaw  DSC_7141